Mould Pulp Products and disposable products are manufactured by Listen Eco Packaging Limited,which is a company dedicated to green environment-friendly products and located in Xiamen city and founded in 2010. We aim to introduce China-made and China-invented green products to the world and introduce to China the environmental protection philosophy,service and products from other corners of the earth. The company boasts experienced international trade talents and environmental protection experts.Green products designed,produced include bio-degradable & compostable products and its products, environment friendly package and carbon dioxide reduction.

We own 20000 M2 standard workshop, 2 sets manufacturing lines and a professional QC team. Our factory was honored with certificate of both IS O 1 4 0 0 1 and I S O 9 0 0 1.

We supply various type of packaging for your needs and your packaging solution. We help you to solve  the troublesome and annoying issues during the procurement period in China.

Create a green and happy life for People.

To make environmental contributions for the earth and human beings.

We would like to work with green people and make this world more beautiful. Please send us a mail for a flyer to know how to enjoy our service.

Let’s do it together!!!